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Schanzer Racing Electric eV
Esplanade 10
85049 Ingolstadt

Tel .: 0841 9348 5931
Fax: 0841 9348 200



1. Board of Directors: Jan Underberg
2. Board of Directors: Nicole Scholz


Legal information

Schanzer Racing Electric eV
Ingolstadt headquarters
Ingolstadt District Court
VR 200514


Responsible for the content

Schanzer Racing Electric eV


Technical responsible

Schanzer Racing Electric eV


Terms of use and copyright:

Files and content in databases, any electronic media and systems that are used in whole or in part for commercial purposes, require the express consent of Schanzer Racing Electric eV. If texts, images, graphics and other files are wholly or partially subject to the copyright of third parties, those responsible for the content will provide appropriate information.

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